Sunday, May 22, 2011


Sorry its been so long since I have done a post. I'm not exactly sure where the month of April went, and now we are halfway through May. I would normally be excited to say that it is almost summer break, but I unfortunately have to work through the summer. I am excited to have something to do this summer, but I will miss being able to lay out at the pool whenever I please. I am hoping to still have time to get my tan on before all the weddings I am in this summer!

Brad and I went to Stillwater again the first weekend of May for my brother Matt's graduation!!
My two brothers and I
Historical Gallagher-Iba Arena
I am so proud my brother followed in my footsteps and became and OSU cowboy!! I can't wait to road trip it to Stillwater for future games!! Matt is still currently living in Stillwater and working for the summer. He is an aviation major and is finishing up his flight hours to get his pilot's license! I am ready for him to fly me around the world!!!! Lol If only I never had to pay for a plane ticket again and I could go anywhere!!

Brad and I attended our 4th Rangers game of the season on Mothers day (pretty sure that is a record for me). The UV index was like 9 and I got fried. In fact I just finished peeling and growing my fresh new freckly skin! Gross I know, but my shoulders were pretty much purple, and I didn't sleep well for a week:(

Rangers vs. yankees

Us baking in the hot sun!
This past week was teacher appreciation week at school and OMG I definitely feel appreciated!! My kids and their parents got me so much stuff! I got candy, coke, flowers, cards, bubble bath, gift cards, yummy treats, and sweet notes from both my kids and their parents! I just adore every single one of my kids and their families are all so sweet! I am so lucky to have a job where I get to do what I love. Even though they wear me out, I am blessed!! Not to mention Brad surprised me with a cookie bouquet delivered to my classroom from my favorite cookie store. It had the sweetest note that said "Happy Teacher Appreciation week! You are such a great teacher!..." (the rest was lovey mushy stuff) It is nice to know your husband appreciates what you do as well! I love him!

Tuesday night I met up with a few friends from high school! Two of which I haven't seen since high school! It was almost like no time had passed we pretty much picked up where we left off. The night was full of laughs and memories from our drill team days! I got home way past my bed time which meant I would be dragging the next day. I came home to my laundry neatly folded by my sweet husband and surprise Mavericks tickets to the Playoff game against the Thunder on Thursday!

I have been wanting to go to a Mavs game for so long I had never been to one! I have ironically been to a OKC Thunder game (and a Bulls game who are also in the playoffs)!! I met Brad after work at his work and we took one car over to the game!! It was amazing! We even got on our local ABC news!! Their news station is connected to the American Airlines center!! Everyone got a free blue Mavs shirt so that we could blue out the game! We got bam bams and other noise makers and it was so loud in there! The atmosphere was incredible!! We unfortunately lost in the end, but we are still up 2-1 in the series!!

Local news caster

Dale Hansen

Outside the AAC

The free shirts were all XL (basically a dress on me) so I bought a blue shirt at the game!

That's what 21,000 people look like!

Two late nights in one week made for a lazy and relaxing weekend! Saturday we slept in and ran a few errands. My Dad and brother came over around 4:30 and we headed over to Taste of Addison. Its a festival where all the local restaurants have a tent and sell samples of top things off their menu! So normally a dinner at Foga de Chao would cost $60.00 a person but you could sample their meat, potatoes, and salad for $6!! They had concerts and carnival rides! The best part was the people watching!! 

My brother Ryan

Dad and I

It was fun and the weather was perfect! Although as I am writing this we are being pounded with thunder and lightning! I love storms, but the thunder is setting off car alarms that no one is turning off!!! ANNOYING!!!

This week should be a normal one! Nothing exciting planned until Saturday! Our one year wedding anniversary is next Sunday and we are heading to OKC to celebrate the marriage of some friends! No better way to remind us of the commitment we made to each other a year ago!

I will post after our special weekend!!