Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bring on the kiddos...

Tomorrow will be my first full day with all my kids in my class! I had a great first week of observing and setting up my classroom, including a morning of organization and decorating on Saturday! Everything is pretty much in its place for now! I am sure after the first week I will realize what I am missing and what I need to move! My students moved into the room Friday afternoon before school got out! They were so excited! We came up with our class rules, talked about morning procedures, and played a couple of games!! I am so looking forward to seeing their beautiful faces tomorrow morning! I have read over the lesson plans about a million times already, just so that tomorrow might flow more smoothly, we will see! lol

Here are some pictures I promised of my classroom so far:

I moved in to a classroom that was being used as the bilingual classroom. That class moved to another room on the other side of the building, so I could be with the rest of the 2nd grade team.


Working at school on Saturday with Brad's help!

Still a work in progress, but I think inviting enough for Monday!! lol

This week we have early release on Wednesday, so the kids go home at noon and teachers get to stay and work! I am hoping to get all of next weeks lessons ready because we will be out of town this weekend! Thursday night our good friends Meagan and Parker are driving down from Stillwater and staying with us! Friday after work we are driving down to Houston for the night and then heading over to college station for the big game on Saturday! I am excited for another family rivalry game, even more excited to share it with great friends!! It is nice to have to work all week, but have something to look forward to on the weekend!!

I will post next weekend about my first week of teaching and the big game! GO POKES!! Speaking of OSU I didn't make it last night! Our football game against Tulsa was supposed to start at 9:15pm and after a 3 hour weather delay they didn't start the game until 12:15am this morning. Brad is accusing me of not being a good fan and staying up to watch it, I'm sorry but "good fan" ends at midnight. The game didn't end till around 3:45 this morning! I cant believe people payed money to sit out there in the rain all night long to watch it. You would have had to pay me to sit in the rain until the wee hours of the morning! Brad of course stayed up to watch it, then crawled into bed this morning around 4. I got a great nights rest and a whole lot of household duties done! Those have been put on the back burner for the past 2 weeks and I just couldn't take it anymore! I spent a good 5 hours this morning scrubbing each room! Ready for our guests this week! 

Enjoy your week! 


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Meet the Teacher!!

That's ME!!!!! For all those who don't already know I started a new teaching job on Monday! I interviewed two Friday's ago and they hired me the same day! I was so excited!! I am teaching second grade at an elementary school in Plano. The best part is, I had observed at this school in the Spring for college credit, so I already knew the school, the principal, and most of the second grade teachers! I actually knew most of the second grade teachers because Brad's mom is one of them! I love working with her and it is comforting to have her there for my first year coming in late.

I started yesterday and I am spending half this week observing and getting to know my kids and the other half setting up my classroom. Monday will be my first day with my students in my class! I can't wait! I will definitely take before and after pictures of my classroom for y'all! It may be a bit before everything is set up and organized, but I am hoping to get most of it done by next weekend!

I am so lucky to have gotten a teaching position so late in the year! I look forward to sharing my first year teaching experience with y'all!

Have a great rest of the week!