Monday, October 10, 2011

Catching up!

 I have gotten to the point where I have to force myself to log on and post about my life. I know I want this for a scrapbook, but I just cant seem to get the motivation going to log on and write a post. Life is so busy right now, and when its not I am usually passed out somewhere taking a nap! lol I love my new teaching job, but let me tell you, those kids wipe me out. I usually don't leave school till after 5 everyday, and it stresses me out to see teachers walk out the door everyday at 3:30 with nothing in their hands. How do they do it? I spend 2 hours after school getting everything ready, organized, clean for the next day and  I still have to bring stuff home to finish. Someday...maybe I will figure out the secret.

Anyways, a lot has happened in the past few weeks. Like I said things have been super busy around here. We spent a weekend in Houston/College Station a couple of weeks ago for the 4th annual A&M vs. OSU family rivalry game! lol Our friends Meagan and Parker came down with us this year and it was a lot of fun! It was of course an OSU victory and although the teams will probably never play each other again I still love having a little family competition!

Here is the whole gang including friends and family!

The Cowboys!

Dad and I
Brad and I

The weekend following A&M Brad participated in the 1st Annual North Texas OSU Alumni Golf Tournament on Saturday. I volunteered to work it (at 6:00am), which really just meant registering people then driving around on the golf carts. So it was a fun get together! When the tournament was over we headed up to Plano to play some Top Golf for my father in laws birthday! We also met up with a bunch of their friends for a fun little dinner too! It was a busy day! On Sunday my dad and I volunteered (at 7:00am) and participated in the Ride for Kids. My dad participated last year and we went to watch, but this year I signed up to volunteer and do the ride also. I so enjoyed this time with my dad. It was great to ride on the back of his bike for 90 miles while raising money for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation! In that one ride they raised over 150,000 dollars! It was incredible! After the ride they fed everyone lunch and we got to hear the some of the kids talk! I spent most of the time crying behind my sunglasses of course, but it was just so eye opening and heartfelt that this many people had come out to do a simple motorcycle ride for these kids! My dad and I are signed up for the Task Force next year, so hopefully we will reach our goal of $5000 together as a family! 

Signing people in!
Getting ready to ride!

The hundreds of bikes!

This is Benjamin! I am in love with this little boy, he was precious!


While I was at the Ride for Kids, Brad played in another golf tournament for the McKinney Humane Society. I joined him for the banquet dinner that evening! It was a very busy weekend but well worth it. I definitely hit the pillow Sunday night around 8:30 though! 

This past weekend was the complete opposite! Other than running a few errands this weekend we stayed home and cleaned and got our house back in order after the busy weeks we had. It was so nice to just relax and eat home coked meals! I even took a nap on Saturday and Sunday! You cant beat that! OH and we finally got RAIN!!!! It was magical, we had the windows open, and there was such a cool breeze blowing through! A huge plus to the weekend! I love rainstorms!

I leave you with a picture of our baby! Ollie doing what he does best!

Have a great week!