Sunday, January 30, 2011


Read at your own discretion...

Well I am actually surprised it took a whole week but I caught the 2 year old cooties. It started last weekend after my first full week of work when I got a stuffy nose and the sneezing that comes with it. Moving on throughout the week I started taking the day/night time cold medicine to help and it did until....Wednesday night I caught the next round of cooties, yep that's right I caught the stomach bug. I woke up in the middle of the night with no warning to vomit. Of course when you get the stomach bug its not just one barfing spell and your done, its many hours/rounds of sleeping and vomiting. I have never been so miserable in my life. I ended up missing 2 days of work last week only to go back to work on Friday and watch 2 of my students vomit in class. Needless to say a weekend was much needed away from sick kids. Although I am still battling this stupid cold I am glad the stomach bug is gone. Hopefully all my kids will be feeling better this week too! Now if only the weather was going to stay nice! It better not snow unless it is going to give us a snow day!

On another note Brad will be gone till Thursday on his first business trip to Pittsburgh. I have a feeling his flight back to Dallas on Thursday will be filled with a lot of Steelers fans. Maybe he should pack his Greenbay hat!! lol So this week I will be spending most of my evenings at my dad's house so I wont be lonely!!!

Hope you have a great week!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Job and Date Night!

Well this week has been super busy! I started a new job where I am teaching 18-24 month olds!! They keep me super busy busy! But I am already in love with them!! My favorite part is they love to cuddle, give hugs, and sit in my lap! I didn't get any of that during my student teaching because those students weren't babies like these ones are!! It is a totally different experience, but so far it has been a blast! Don't get me wrong I am EXHAUSTED when I get home!!

On another note Brad took me on a date tonight to go see the movie The Dilemma and it was really cute and funny! I love it when we get to get dressed up and go out in public together, because during the week we are pretty much zombies in the evening and we don't leave the apartment!! lol We are so old...once we both get on a routine this is going to change!!!

Before going to the movies! Excuse picture #3 we were going for the prom pose! lol

We are all set for a relaxing weekend!! Unfortunately Brad and I both have to work on Monday so we don't get a 3 days weekend! So we are definitely making the most of our 2 days off!! Hope your weekend long or short is great!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Our new home for a while at least!!!

Now that I have graduated and moved back to Texas Brad and I settled into a new apartment in Addison! It is right off the tollway so it takes him little time to get to and from work! We are also located near every restaurant/bar/club/shopping center you can think of, which I love! It is so nice to have EVERYTHING so close! Especially after living in Stillwater, where the nearest Target was over an hour away...(how did I live there for 5 years?) We live in a gated apartment community in a 2 bed/2 bath on the third floor. 3rd floor opinion: I love not hearing anyone above us, I love that I can open the windows and no one can see in, and I love having a view of the pool, but carrying groceries or anything else into the apartment is a huge pain in the a**. (excuse my french). My most favorite part of our apartment though is the valet trash service...they pick our trash up from our front door. I absolutely LOVE this, I don't even know where the dumpster is! lol Brad and I recently bought a new kitchen table and chairs and a new bedroom set for our bedroom!

Here are the pics I promised of the apartment!
Living room facing the front door

Living room

Kitchen table set for dinner last night!

We normally don't have the leaf in it so its not that big!

Master bedroom

Master bedroom

Master bath..nothing special about a bathroom

Front hall

Guest bath OSU themed

More guest bath

Guest bedroom also OSU themed

The guest room is also the office!! Brad calls it the man cave. Whatever makes you happy babe!
And yes we DO allow non-OSU fans to be our guests!!! lol

Some of it is still a work in progress, but it we love our new home! We are excited to meet new people around here and get involved in our community!!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our First Christmas!

Brad and I were so excited to spend our first Christmas together. We have been together over 5 years and have never gotten to see each other on Christmas, because Brad always went to Mississippi with his family! So this year was extra special! We spent Christmas Eve with his family and went to their church service then we came home. We wanted to wake up Christmas morning in our own bed/home! We woke up and Brad made me breakfast in bed and then we opened up the presents we got each other in the living room in our PJ's!! It was just perfect! We then showered and got dressed to head to Plano for the day! We first went to his parents house to open presents with them and have lunch. After lunch we headed over to my Dad's house to open presents, play games, and eat dinner!! It was great to spend time with both families!!

Before Christmas Eve service

The day after Christmas Brad and I made the trip out to Hattiesburg, Mississippi with his family! It was great to see all of his relatives again and get to visit!!

New Years was very low key this year as we were still trying to settle into our apartment and unpack from our trip. My brother Matt came over and we just went out for drinks then came back to the apartment to watch the OSU basketball game and hangout!

I have been spending this week taking down the Christmas stuff, re-decorating, organizing, getting my name legally changed, changing my name and address on all of our accounts! Basically just getting our life back in order. Brad started work back up on Monday so I look forward to when he gets home and making him dinner! I have been trying out some new recipes! Tonight we are having his family over for dinner and games so I have been cleaning and prepping for that!! I just LOVE dinner parties!!!

I haven't forgotten about posting pictures of our apartment! I will post tomorrow!