Sunday, June 12, 2011


Last weekend Brad and I finally went out and purchased the mountain bikes that we had been looking at, as our one year anniversary gifts to each other. We went ahead and also bought the car carrier as well so we would be able to take them with us on trips. Our first little bike ride was just through the neighborhood across the street. It was a quick little ride as a storm was coming in. Unfortunately all it took was those 20 minutes on that bike the first time to make my butt hurt for days. Why do bikes have to be so uncomfortable the first few rides?? We took the next night off from riding because the MAVS were playing and of course we weren't going to miss that. So our next ride was Wednesday and we rode around the Addison Airport as well as over to Circle Park. It is so nice to live in a big city, and still have great trails and residential parks to ride through. Circle Park is a little luxury apartment area that has little shops and restaurants as well. We rode through there then headed back home. We didn't go out Thursday because of the MAVS game again! lol Then Friday we rode our bikes back to circle park and ate dinner at a little pizza place where we could sit outside! It was so nice out and the food was delicious! Good thing the trip there was pretty much all uphill because, I am not so sure I would have made it back home after eating all that! We have loved being able to just come home and go for a quick ride after dinner, it is fun to explore different trails and neighborhoods. So far we have put about 12 miles on our bikes! haha That's not much, but as soon as these MAVS win tonight we wont have anymore excuses not to go riding every night!!!

Let's go MAVS bring home that W!!!!

Hope you have a great week! We are leaving Wednesday to head up to Stillwater for a wedding we are both in on Saturday!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Weekend!

This past weekend Brad and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary! I still can't believe a year has passed since we said I DO!!

Our anniversary was on Sunday and we had a wedding to attend that evening in OKC. We decided instead of taking a big trip this year we would just save our money and go on a mini getaway to OKC! We left Saturday morning to head to the city for a romantic dinner and hotel stay in the Historic Colcord hotel in downtown OKC! On our way northbound on I35 we decided to stop off at the G.W. Exotic Animal park. This little hole in the wall animal refugee park hosts over 200 big cats as well as bears, monkeys, reptiles, and other weird animals. We got there right before they were starting a special tour that would allow us to have a 2 hour guided tour through the park, as well as get to interact with tigers, monkeys, and wolves. A photographer would also follow our group around and take pictures, burn them to a disk, and allow us to take it home for free!!! The tour was incredible, other than the cages, there was no barrier between you and extremely large and dangerous cats! I could have easily had my arm gnawed off if I had stuck it through the fence! After the tour of the park we got to sit down and play with 3 baby tigers and 2 baby wolves. OMG I want a baby tiger so bad now!!! They were so cute! We also got to play with monkeys, one of which was wearing a diaper! (I bet that is a pain to change) The people that work at the park don't get paid and they live on the premises with some of the baby animals. They take care of all the animals 24/7! The park is non profit and all the money goes to tending to the animals needs. It really is incredible what these people are doing. Here are some pics from our little adventure!

Liger- Cross between a male lion and a female tiger. 

These tigers were a day old!!

9 day old white tiger

monkey with a diaper

our tour guides!

Geronimo the wolf

baby alligator

After we finished at the park we headed the rest of the way to OKC and checked into our beautiful hotel! We showered and got ready for a romantic dinner at the Mantel! We walked around Bricktown for a while and then ate! We bought tickets at the movies for a 9:00 showing of the Hangover 2 (so romantic I know, but we loved it) and headed back to our hotel to change into more comfortable clothing. A horse drawn carriage came and picked us up from our hotel and took us to our movie! After the movie we grabbed a midnight snack from Sonic!! (yum!) Then took our time walking back to our hotel along the river walk. We got up kinda early the next morning to meet some friends in Edmond at Panera for breakfast! It was nice to catch up with everyone even if it was just a short visit! After breakfast Brad and I headed back to the hotel to pack up and relax for a while. We checked out at noon and headed to Edmond to do some shopping and eat lunch! We met up with Brad's mom and brother at our hotel for Sunday night in Edmond around 3! We relaxed, showered, and changed for the wedding!

The wedding was of a longtime family friend of the Scarborough's. Brad and I went to high-school with the groom, but Brad has played baseball with him since he was little! It was a very small, but beautiful wedding at this adorable little chapel! They got married on our anniversary so it was a great reminder of the commitment we made to each other a year ago!

before the wedding!
Our wedding cake topper. The bakery we ordered our wedding cake from makes you a fresh cake for your one year anniversary so you don't have to eat a frozen one!

Monday we got up and headed back home. We got back to the apartment around noon and I cleaned up while Brad relaxed since it was his birthday!! We celebrated that evening with his family with a steak dinner at Saltgrass and cake and presents at home!!! This Friday we will be continuing the celebration with dinner at In-and-Out Burger (We got one and it finally opened) and a competition at Top Golf!! (Where I will win of course)

At Saltgrass for Brad's 24th birthday!!

You could say it was a busy weekend, but a memorable one for sure!!
Best picture of the weekend...
This would be my husband playing basketball at a Shoe Carnival (shoe store) like a 12 year old boy. He was like "you go shop and when you need me I will be here!" He wouldn't even stop for 2 little boys that wanted to play. Nerd or true athlete?!? Take your pick!

Hope your weekend was just as wonderful!