Sunday, December 18, 2011

Annual Christmas Letter 2011

Every year since 1991 my dad has written a Christmas letter recapping our year and the adventures we had. I now have a book of all the letters, and it is amazing to go back and read them and see what we did each year. So I told my self growing up, I would always do that when I had a family. So last I wrote our first Christmas letter and this is this years! Hope you enjoy!

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!
Tthe Scarboroughs

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Oh hey!

I am terrible at this blogging thing. Between work and my laptop being broken for a couple of weeks I have had no desire to sit down and blog. We have both just been super busy with work and getting everything prepped for Christmas. So here is a short version of the past 2 months:

Texas Tech vs. OSU game- Brad and I made the trip out to Lubbock with his parents for the OSU/Tech game. We enjoyed seeing Brad's brother Phillip and his girlfriend Sam! OSU fortunately killed Tech 66-6, but whose keeping score?!?

New car #2 - We never planned to buy two cars this year, but unfortunately Brad's also recently just broke down and so we had to replace it. We ended up buying it from some good family friends of ours which was quick and painless. If only all big purchases were that simple. Brad ended up getting a used 2008 Ford Fusion, and lets just say he is happy to not have it smoking while driving down the highway!

Thanksgiving 2011- This year Brad and I took a short trip to LaGrange, TX for thanksgiving with my family. We had a blast riding the four wheeler, shooting guns, and catching up with family. We came home early to have a second Thanksgiving dinner with Brad's family while his brother was in town from college. We had a nice break from work and enjoyed spending time with everyone.

Oliver- Our sweet little boy is growing so fast. He is still getting into trouble while we are at work. Our poor Christmas tree is only decorated at the top because Oliver has taken all the ornaments off the bottom and scattered them around the house. WHAT A GLITTERY MESS!!! We wouldn't trade him for anything though!

Bedlam Game- We did make the trip up to Stillwater a few weeks ago for the Bedlam game. Brad went to the game with our friend Parker, while Meagan and I stayed home and watched it on TV. It was an incredible game and an awesome win for OSU!!! Brad and Parker rushed the field after the game!!!

Early Christmas Present- Our first Christmas present was delivered on Saturday and it is one of those love/hate presents!! We bought our first major appliances a washer and dryer! LOVE having our own that work well instead of the crappy ones we were renting, but HATE laundry so I can only appreciate the gift to a certain point. Now if it came with a maid, I would be forever grateful!!

Don't they make a cute couple?!? I haven't used them yet because that would entitle me doing laundry, and well I am just going to continue putting that off until I run out of socks again!

Christmas Party
- Brad and I attended our first Christmas party of the year. His work always puts on a big fancy bash in downtown Dallas. So we stayed in the Stonleigh Hotel and got all fancied up with some friends for the party! It is always fun meeting Brad's co-workers and watching the annual talent show!! It was nice to have a quick romantic night away from our busy life!

I have just one more week of school before Christmas break! I have to keep telling myself "I think I can, I think I can". It is going to be a crazy week with our holiday party, assembly, and early release. Plus we have been tracking the moon during our integrated lessons and well its a full moon out, so I am fully preparing myself for the craziness. Come next week you can find me hibernating in my bed!!! 5 DAYS!!

Hope your holiday season is keeping you merry!!