Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The things kids give you...

I love teaching!! I love that my students give me daily hugs, bring me pictures they drew, bring me flowers they picked on the way to school (probably from someones garden (sorry)), tell me I look pretty (silly I know but kids are brutally honest so a compliment goes a long way), I love that they are so excited to talk to me in the morning!! BUT there are a few things I don't like that children give me, like a cold and strep throat. That's right I have been student teaching full time for a week and a half and I have already gotten a cold, and just as I was getting over that I was diagnosed with strep throat this morning. I have been to the doctor twice already this school year, and I hope I wont have to go again! All this sickness has made this week extra hard for me, it has made me miss having my husband close by to take care of me! I did get much needed rest today and I am already starting to feel a little better. Although I have drank over 15 glasses of ice water, so the bathroom has been my best friend today! lol I will be back at school tomorrow hoping the kids only share the sweet stuff and not the germs!!!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

No game, game day!

So unfortunately my Cowboys aren't playing today, which has allowed to make a quick trip home to visit my family and the hubs, and go to the wedding of some of our high school/church friends. So although today is not a game day for us it is a game day for some of my other favorite teams that I have adopted over the years! Like Arkansas, Southern Miss, Auburn, and North Carolina!

I have always been somewhat of an Razorback fan, because I have a lot of family that went to Arkansas!
I adopted a love for the Golden Eagles when I met Brad because both of his parents graduated from USM!
Most recently I have adopted a love for Auburn ONLY because Parker is a huge fan (he went there his freshman year and grew up in Alabama) so I am afraid if I don't cheer for Auburn he will kick me out of their house!! (love ya Parker!)
I also adopted a love for North Carolina when I met Brad, now this love is more for their basketball team but we still cheer them on!


Go Golden Eagles beat Louisiana Tech

 GO AUBURN beat South Carolina!

GO North Carolina beat Rutgers
Although I am a Cowboy I cheer for all these teams today!!!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

The simple things in life...

Well Fall has officially started which means all our favorite shows are starting back up!! Sometimes knowing that one of my shows is on that night is the only thing that gets me through the day. This is because I don't have a husband to come home to right now. Of course that will all change when we are living together again!! (Love you babe).

Not to mention the silly shows that aren't anything but drama like "One Tree Hill" and "90210"!!!! 

So yes I have a few guilty pleasures but we also have a DVR so I can watch them whenever I want its not like I sit in front of the TV waiting for them to come on! Ok maybe sometimes ;)

Well tonight is the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy so I am off the get everything ready for school tomorrow so I wont have any distractions!!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Sam!


Today is my future sister in-laws 20th birthday! her and Brad's brother Phillip aren't engaged YET...but sometime in the future we will be sisters in-law! I can't wait for the day I actually have a sister! Both of us come from a family of only boys so it will be nice to have someone to complain to about our husbands!!! (isn't that was SIL's are for?) Sam and Phillip both go to Texas Tech so it will be fun when we are all finished with college to get together for the OSU vs. Texas Tech game each year! Anyways, today she turned 20 and I just wanted to wish her a happy birthday!

Sam I hope you had a wonderful day, and hope you find some time to celebrate this weekend after your tests are over (good luck on those)!!! Phillip told me he was going to cook you a 4 course meal and give you an hour long back massage!!! So make sure he follows through!! lol 

Here are some pics of us over the years!!

Christmas 08

Summer 08
Summer 08
Christmas 09
New Years 09
The Gaylor Texan Ice Show
Walking through the ICE exhibit
UNC vs. Texas Basketball game at Texas Stadium

January 2010
June 2010
at a wedding in Omaha, NE
Outside Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha
At the Brad Paisley concert this summer!
 Happy Birthday Sam!!! Can't wait for many more memories to come!! 


Monday, September 13, 2010

Ear Candleing

So 2 years ago I helped a friend use the ear candles to clean out her ears and it was amazing. For those of you who don't know me I am really amused by disgusting things like popping zits, or blisters, ... you get the picture I'm weird, but who would have guessed that I would marry someone who was just like me!! That's right Brad is amused by the same stuff!! Anyways I saw something about ear candles the other day and decided to show Meagan and Parker a video of it being done to show them exactly what it was, and we decided to try it out for ourselves. So Meagan and I purchased the ear candles for ourselves and our husbands and came home to try them out.

Ear Candles are basically just long hollow tubes made of bees wax and one end is coned to fit in your ear canal and the other end is open. You light the open end on fire and it creates a vacuum that sucks the ear wax out of your ear. Yes I have read the reviews and heard that it is a hoax or ineffective, but we still tried it out! Here are the results...

Parker went first
His Results

Meagan was next
Her Results

Then it was my turn
My Results

Brad was last
I think he was sleeping.
His results

So in the end Meagan and I came to the conclusion that because we clean our ears daily with Q-tips we most likely just pack it further in there, and that is why we had more solid ear wax come out then the boys. I guess we shouldn't clean our ears so much but I rather be able to only see the ear wax if I candle it out rather than it being noticeable to the whole world. Acoustically it doesn't really do much for ya, actually there is probably no value to ear candleing at all but I will never turn down a chance to see something disgusting!!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Game Day!!

Well the Cowboys have won both of their games so far this year. We beat Washington state by a ton, but then we barely squeaked by with a win against Troy. So who knows how our season will play out! But here are some pics from the two games!

The hubs and I at the first game!
My brother and I

My roomates!! Meagan & Parker!!
Love this man!
Excited for the game to start!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

SQ 744

Forewarning this is a serious post...

Recently in my Early Childhood Education Capstone class (the final class) we discussed State Question 744 aka SQ 744. As a future teacher SQ 744 would of course affect the education system greatly in the state of Oklahoma. Now even though I won't be teaching in Oklahoma I still feel that I should have say, and although I can't vote on this issue I am hoping that those who can vote will truly read the facts before you hit the voting booth.

SQ 744 is a proposal by the Oklahoma Education Association (OEA) that would force the state to spend nearly a billion dollars more on education by cutting all other state agencies or raise your taxes by the same amount. State Question (SQ) 744 amends the Oklahoma Constitution and guarantees that the Oklahoma Legislature annually will provide an amount of funding for public schools that is at least equal to the average of the amount spent per pupil by the states surrounding Oklahoma (Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico and Colorado). In lamens terms the states surrounding OK spend more per child, and OK feels the need to compete with that. Now as a future educator of course I want the state to spend more money per child because that means the children of OK will be receiving a better education overall. But.......

The state doesn't have the funds to support this proposal so in order to finance it the state would have to cut 20% from each state agency. Here are some scary facts about cutting from each agency...
  • a %20 cut for the Department of Corrections would mean 8,400 criminals let loose from prisons with 8 or 9 facilities being shut down.
  • a %20 cut for Higher education would mean higher tuition, fewer class choices, and severe cuts in scholarship and student work opportunities.
  • a %20 cut for the Health Care Authority would be a total of $539 million reduction in state health dollars.
  • HCA would either need to reduce the number of people covered by SoonerCare, reduce benefits under SoonerCare or both.
  • A 20% cut for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services would mean either cutting services for the patients with the most severe problems so that the most people could be helped or cutting services to low-cost treatment for many people which could result in an increase in severe cases.
  • A 20% cut for the Department of Public Safety would mean the elimination of 253 jobs.
So you can see how serious it would be if we cut from all the other state agencies to fund the education of our children. Its like asking us to choose our children's safety over their education. I do not have a final opinion on this proposal, because that is all it is a proposal, it is not a law so nothing is set in stone you could vote for SQ 744 and they could totally change it after it is passed. Even though I cant  vote, I wouldn't until I knew more about where the funding was going to come from and knew for sure that we weren't going to be taking it from any other agencies.

Sorry this was long and boring but I needed to express my feelings on this issue and I hope those who have children in school in OK will truly learn more about the issue before voting in November.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Game Day!

I just wanted to do a short post on the first game day of the season! Brad woke up this morning saying it felt like Christmas, I am not sure about that but I am excited for football season to officially begin! Just want to wish our OSU Cowboys good luck against Washington State today!


The Scarborough's

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Student Teaching

Well this semester marks my very last semester of college, my very last semester to attend OSU football games as a student, last semester to buy overly priced textbooks we never use, and my last semester to live in Stillwater. Although Stillwater has a few things you cant find anywhere else in the world like; Red Rock bakery, Mom's Place, Eskimo Joe's, Boone Pickens Stadium, Pistol Pete, and a vast array of Oklahoma State Cowboys!! I will definitely miss this place when I graduate in December!

Classes have now been in session for almost two weeks and already I have been given a loaded schedule full of projects and readings, all on top of the 3 weeks of lessons I need to prepare for my class that I am student teaching in! Needless to say I am overwhelmed knowing that I only have 2 weeks of class left before I am in my classroom teaching full time. I have met my students twice and let me tell you I am in for some work this semester! We have a very very talkative class but I am still excited to get to know each and every one of the students! Last year I had such a great experience student teaching and it is going to be really hard for me not to compare this semester to last semester.

This is a picture of my class from last semester and I miss those kids so much, and I really miss my cooperating teacher, it was such a blessing to get to work with her and I am so glad we still keep in touch! 

Luckily almost every weekend I will get to see the Hubs so that will definitely help me get through the weeks! Brad came up here this past weekend and it was so great to spend time together. He enjoyed being back in Stillwater and getting to eat a Turkey Pesto sandwich from Red Rock bakery (his favorite, I am pretty sure he will get one every weekend) lol We attended a friends wedding on Friday in OKC. Saturday we just hung out and grilled out steaks with Meagan, Parker, Kyle, Lauren, and Matt. Sunday we went to church and lunch with Kyle and Lauren, then we came home and watched a movie/relaxed before Brad headed home for the week : ( It was so fun to spend time with great friends! We are both so excited for the first football game this weekend and getting to tailgate and cookout with friends!