Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend trip to Stillwater!!

On Friday Brad and I packed up after work and drove to Stillwater! I was co-hosting a lingerie shower with my friend Meagan for our best friend's upcoming wedding. It was so fun to see all our girlfriends again now that everyone is graduated and married!

Brad and I got to Stillwater late Friday night and stopped by to see my brother for a while then headed over to Meagan and Parker's house. Meagan and I started decorating/setting up Friday night since we knew we had some errands to run in the morning! The party was decorated so cute if I may say so myself! We used Brianna's wedding colors as our theme, and I think it turned out adorable! Here are some pics!

adorable bud vases!

the favors!

cake balls!

The bride to be and me!

The bride to be and Meagan

The hostesses and the bride to be! We're the 3 best friends that anyone could have, 3 best friends anyone could have!
I didn't get a picture of  the lingerie clothesline, but I don't think Brianna would have wanted me to post it anyways! Just picture cuteness! lol Overall the shower was good! I miss seeing these girls everyday : (

After the shower Brad and I went over to the Hargroves to meet their newly adopted little boy Jones! OMG let me just say baby fever kicked in majorly!! He was the sweetest little thing! I got to hold him and feed him and yall I was in HEAVEN!!! I just love babies!! I think Brad got a little glimpse of our future and was pretty smitten himself with the little bundle of joy!! Here are some pics!

Meet Jones!

Just presh!!!
Saturday night a few of us grilled out at the house and hung out and it was so good to feel like we were in college again!!! Brad and I woke up on Sunday to grab some breakfast at "Old School Bagel Cafe" a local favorite! Then we headed back to Dallas to catch the UNC game on TV which turned out to be a disaster and Brad is less than thrilled right now. He had them winning the national championship in his brackets! Not to mention he is a huge Tar Heel fan so he is a little depressed.

Well tomorrow it is back to work for both of us for another busy week, and then next weekend it is another trip back to Stillwater/Tulsa for another shower! I just love seeing my friends weekly! lol

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and an even more wonderful week!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's been a while...

Sorry it has been so long, but I have a hard time getting on here to blog about nothing. Which is what has been pretty much going on over the past few weeks. If you would like to day consists of waking up, getting ready, going to work, coming home for lunch, going back to work, coming home after work, making dinner, eating dinner, showering, watching tv/playing words with friends, getting stuff ready for the next day, and going to bed!! Isn't my life exciting?!?

In other news I am still loving the new car and this weekend we are really breaking it in for a road trip to Stillwater! I am helping host a personal shower for my best friend who is getting married in July! So we will see how the new baby does on those tough Oklahoma roads.

So onto what this post is really about! So Brad and I actually did do something exciting this weekend, we went to Vegas!!!! I know what your thinking why didn't I post about this earlier in preparing for my trip? Well the whole trip was a surprise for my Mother-in-Law. She is turning 50 on Saturday so her wonderful husband surprised her with a trip to Vegas to see Celine Dion (her absolute favorite). We all broke the news to her last Thursday evening that she would be leaving the next morning at 5:00 am to go! What she didn't know was that Brad, Phillip (his brother), Samantha (his brothers long time girlfriend), and I were also going! We met them at dinner on Friday night at Serendipity 3 in Vegas and she was so surprised!! I am pretty sure she had an amazing time and was so glad we were able to join her on her special celebration!!!

Some of our trip highlights! Well the food of course we ate at Serendipity3, which is where we surprised my MIL!

My delicious foot long hot dong!

Sam and I

Waiting to surprise her!


The heavenly Carrot Cake!!!

We also ate at In-N-Out Burger on Saturday for lunch!
Amazing burger!! Can't wait till we get ours here in Dallas!!!
Saturday night we ate at a restaurant called "Mon Ami Gabi" in the hotel Paris.
The whole family!! <3

The hubs and I

My delicious steak and frites

Phillip and Sam
Other highlights: Ziplining!!! We somehow convinced my MIL to go ziplining through the canyons outside of Vegas! I was all for it and had a blast although it was a bit chilly out there in the wind!!!
She was less than happy at this point, it took her going down the first line to prove to her it would be fun!!

We were pumped for our second ziplining excursion together!

View of the Strip from the top of the canyon

The first run!

About to be the first one to go!!!

I was so ready to make the jump!!!

After run one the others were a blast!!

Being pulled in to the platform the wind didn't allow us to make it all the way in!

My view from the line waiting to be rescued!

Sam waiting to get rescued!

That was where we were supposed to stop, we didn't quite make it!

Phillip being rescued!

Warming up in the van!
Another highlight was visiting Freemonts the original strip in Vegas. Also the home to the weirdest freakiest people in the world. I couldn't get a picture but we saw a woman there with double M sized boobs. OMG they were ginormous!

I don't even know?!?

Guy in a box?!?
Another highlight was visiting the pawn store of a family favorite show PAWN STARS!!! Does anyone else watch this show?!? Brad and I love it and we got to take a tour of the pawn store! We unfortunately didn't get to meet any of the stars because the don't work on Saturdays :(

Checking out the goods!

The canon they shot off on the show was in the store!

The last highlight was while my MIL and FIL went to Celine Dion. The rest of us went to Cirque Du Soleil "O". We weren't allowed to take pictures during the show, but it was incredible!

Waiting for the show to start!

All dressed up for dinner and our show!

Inside the Bellagio where we stayed!!

Love her!!
That was the jist of our weekend trip to Vegas! It was a short but much needed vacation!

I will post after this weekend about the shower I am helping host this weekend!!