Saturday, January 21, 2012

Big changes in the future...

Well it's safe to announce... We are moving!

We got notice from our apartment that we needed to re-sign our lease before January 2nd to get the locked in low rate. Well, we had already discussed the possibility of buying a house. So we started running through our options of re-signing versus house purchasing. We decided with the new pricier rate of staying in our apartment our best option would be to find a house and find if fast. Well fortunately that is exactly what happened! We looked at 8 houses in one day(sunday)and immediately fell in love with one! We put an offer in on Monday and after some counter offering we settled on a price Wednesday. The house was inspected Saturday and now everything is set. We close on the house February 24th so if all goes well between now and then we will be moving into our new home on February 25th.

We are very excited to be moving into our new home and we were surprisingly blessed with a quick and simple home buying process!

We are not looking forward to the packing up and moving process especially after our multiple moves last year:( but I guess it's better to know we are packing up and moving for the last time (at least for several years)!!

Once we move in I will post pics!