Thursday, November 18, 2010

What I am THANKFUL for....

I thought since next week I will be busy spending every waking minute with my family celebrating my most favorite holiday, I would do a post on what I am most Thankful for this year...

First and foremost I am thankful for my LORD and SAVIOR for giving me another wonderful year of life and memories. Although I thank Jesus everyday for his creation and love for me, I think Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reflect and look back on your year as a servant of Christ. Thank you Jesus!!

Next I am thankful for my family both new and old. This year I get to be thankful not only for my family but Brad's family as well.  They have been such a big part of my life for 5 years and now they are officially my family and I cant wait until we started our own family traditions.

I am thankful for my wonderful husband who has so graciously let us celebrate Thanksgiving in Houston with my family this year! Thanksgiving has always been the biggest holiday for me and most of my dad's 9 brother and sisters and their families meet up to celebrate!

I am thankful to have started all these new chapters in my life this year... Marrying the love of my life, moving one too many times, graduating college (well almost, come on Dec 18th), and starting new traditions with my new and bigger family.

I just cant express how much I love Thanksgiving!!!! It is seriously my favorite holiday!! I love Christmas almost just as much but I feel like Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that just sneaks up on you (unlike Christmas) and really makes you stop in your tracks and reflect. It is the perfect amount of time off from work and school to spend quality time with family. My favorite things about Thanksgiving are...

Of course the Thanksgiving feast!! The feast usually includes 2 turkeys, 1 ham, tons of mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls, green bean casserole, many different kinds of pie, cranberry sauce, stuffing, sweet potatoes, pistachio pudding, fruit salad, deviled eggs, and although this isn't part of our Thanksgiving meal we eat homemade tamales!!

Our Thanksgiving feast is ordinary yes (minus the tamales) but our Thanksgiving activities are anything but ordinary because my family gets all dressed up in camo, helmets, goggles, and guns. That's right I said guns.

 Because my family goes paint-balling. We load guns with balls of paint and shoot each other. So I am thankful for unusual family activities and padded clothing!!!!

What are you thankful for this year?


Sunday, November 14, 2010

The perfect weekend!

So this post is a little late, but last weekend was truly the perfect weekend, as was this weekend. Last weekend Brad came up Stillwater so we could go to the Baylor vs. OSU game! It was the perfect weather for a football game!!

Go Cowboys...
Beat the Bears!

Meagan and Parker!

Us Girls!!

Let's GO POKES!!!!

Love this man!!!
Saturday evening we went on a double date with Meagan and Parker to the movies! We went and saw Due Date, and let me tell you... it was HILARIOUS!!!!! There were a few scenes that were unnecessary, but for the most part the movie was great!

Sunday Meagan hosted a shower at the house for a friend of hers so Brad and I kidnapped Remi and went and had a picnic in the park. It was the perfect weather once again, minus some gusty wind at times. We picked up Panda (chinese) and headed over to boomer to eat and play with Remi!! Since living at the Welsh residence I have fallen in love with their precious pooch!!

Isn't Remington (Remi for short) adorable?!?

Testing out the water

Running with the Hubs!

just presh!

So that was last weekend and this weekend was just as great! Meagan and Parker went to Colorado this weekend to visit their new niece for the first time! So Brad came up here so we could have a relaxing weekend alone!! And that's just what we did!!!! We cooked meals together, watched a lot of football (of course) How Bout Dem' Cowboys!!!! and watched a movie! It was the perfect weekend to my very stressful week. Now I am counting down the days until Thanksgiving!!!!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Top 5 resasons why I married Brad

Here are the top 5 reasons why I married/LOVE Brad...

  1. Well his looks would be an obvious reason...but honestly it wasn't the first thing that drew me to him!! (sorry babe) but it was how he would purposely walk by me every morning in high school just so he could see me and give me a hug! So incredibly sweet and such a great start to my day back then!!
  2. He loves his family and enjoys being around them and spending time with them! I love this quality about him because I am such a huge family person and so I love that we can both enjoy quality family time together with either family!
  3. He is such a hard worker and fully dedicates himself to his studies and his work. Who wouldn't want a hard working husband?!?
  4. He is so passionate about certain things like; the Lord, his family, OSU sports, UNC basketball, actually any sports at all!!!
  5. He is so romantic and spontaneous!! For example this week has been a terrible week for me I have been super stressed and overwhelmed with teaching and school, Brad and I haven't seen each other in 2 weeks, and I am so ready to graduate. So what does my super romantic husband do: sends me flowers!!! How sweet is that! I am not one that normally likes getting flowers because they die, but they were absolutely perfect and totally made my week so much better!!!

 Aren't they beautiful?!?

So thank you to my wonderful husband for cheering me up this week!!! I can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!