Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer of Weddings!

Well this summer has been a summer full of LOVE and Marriage!! We have been to a total of 6 weddings so far including ours in May, and we still have one more to attend in a few weeks! I can't believe we are at the age where everyone we know is getting married! Our wedding was the first one of the summer so it has been so fun to attend all of the other weddings as a married couple!!! We were just guests at all of the weddings except for one, in which we both got to be in the wedding party and walk down the aisle together (which was so fun)! So instead of writing about all the weddings I thought I would do more of a picture post! So here are the celebrations of LOVE starting with our own wedding!

Our wedding May 29, 2010
Elizabeth & Brad Scarborough

Haley & Derrick Dick
June 12, 2010

The Dick's

Meagan & Parker Welsh
June 19, 2010

Brad, me, and my brother Matt were all in the wedding!
The gorgeous bride and I
We were the only ones dancing!
The Welsh's (also known as my roomies for the semester)
our wedding shoes!

Britton & Austin Webb
July 4, 2010

I was dressed for the holiday!
Britton and her Dad
Kyle, Lauren, me, & Brad
The Webb's

Brittany & Andrew Hamilton
August 6, 2010

The Hamilton's
All 4 of us carpooled to elementary school together!

Brittany & Tyler Grubbs
August 27, 2010
The hubs and I
The Grubb's
First dance!
Pistol Pete came! Brittany was one of my college roomates junior year!
Of course we had to get a picture with creepy pete!
So to sum it up we have had a summer full of love, and it has been amazing celebrating such a special time with so many of our friends! We wish all of them the best in their new journey and we know that God has great plans for all of them! 


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Apt. 1099

Dear Apt. 1099,

I want to let you know that you were the best first apartment, that two newlyweds could ask for. I am sad that we are no longer your tenants but we will always remember the roof you put over our head for those 3 hot months of summer. I am sorry our chapter together wasn't very long but we really do appreciate the comfort you supplied us with! We will miss your cozy homey feeling when we would walk through the door, the little kitchen that produced many meals, your really short shower head that we had to duck under to get wet (ok maybe we wont miss this as much), we will also miss your vast amounts of storage, and we will definitely miss all the nights we got to sleep within your walls together in our bed. Thanks again apt, 1099 for being our first home!!


The Scarborough's

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Beating the heat!

Well I don't know about y'all, but it has been miserably hot here in Dallas, like over 100 degrees everyday. We have been spending our evenings eating inside, occasionally we will go on a walk or work out but then its straight to the pool afterwards to cool off. We have spent most the morning moving all of our stuff back into our parents house, because I leave this week the move back to Stillwater for my last semester of student teaching, and brad will be moving back in with his parents till I am done! We are really thankful our parents are letting us store our stuff at their house, and I am really thankful Brad's parents are letting him move back in. We will be able to save so much money over these next 4 months which will be really helpful!!

Last weekend we suffered the heat to go to the Brad Paisley/ Darius Rucker concert with Brad's brother Phillip and his girlfriend Samantha! It wasn't too bad once the sun went down but it was still hot!
Brad and I at the concert

Us four!

This past week we went on a date to play mini golf, and we barely made it through 2 of the 3 courses before we had to call it a night, it was so humid that both of us had sweat through our clothes and were dripping. We quickly decided a Slurpee and a shower was a must. We also went to go see the movie "The Other Guys" this weekend and let me say two words, incredibly stupid. Oh my gosh it was dumb don't get me wrong it was hilarious, but the plot was ridiculous!

Anyways I hope yall are finding ways to beat the heat as the summer winds down. I only have a few more days till I leave for school so I will post after the move!! 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This past weekend

This past weekend we had one of our favorite newlywed couples, Meagan and Parker, come visit us! They got in town around the same time Brad got off work on Friday. We ate dinner at the apartment and hung out for a while before getting ready to head out to Pete's Dueling Piano Bar. Now I am not much of a bar person, but Pete's is my favorite. The people that work there are so talented and it is just so entertaining! Meagan had just recently turn 21 so we took her there to celebrate and also for a good show!

Here are Meagan and Parker at Pete's!

Warning: the next few pictures are slightly disturbing...

So if you wondering why there are two grown men standing on the piano in their underwear, it's because the players offered anyone who got on stage and danced in their underwear during the song, a round of shots for their table! So the first guy took off his pants and danced, but the second guy got completely undressed and danced on the first guy the entire time. I wish I would have gotten another picture of the second guy because he didn't get redressed for like another 20 minutes. Doesn't he remind you of the guy from the hangover??

Saturday we got up early and headed to 6 Flags for a couple of hours before it got too hot and crowded. We had fun but we definitely had to come back to the apartment to swim after wards. We spent the evening relaxing and watching Book of Eli (great movie).

 Brad, Meagan, and Parker on the Superman ride.

We slept in on Sunday, then headed to Jimmy John's to grab some lunch before they headed back home. Thanks Meagan and Parker for such a great weekend!!

First Blog Post!!!!

So I finally jumped on the bandwagon and got a blog! I have been reading other peoples blogs for quite some time now and knew I would start one someday, well now that the wedding is over and we are married I thought now would be the perfect time to start a blog about our new life together! I am excited to have this digital "scrapbook" of our lives, so years from now we can go back and look at how far we have come and everything that has happened in between.

I hope you enjoy following us as we share our lives with you!!